Tips for Returning To In-Person Worship

Is your church ready to return to in-person worship services? Making this transition may be trickier than you think. We can never return to worship services pre-pandemic. COVID-19 changed the game. Here's a quick checklist of things to do before you go, when you go, and after you go back to in-person services.

Before you go…

  1. Create a safety plan.

  2. Create a follow-up plan for in-person and online visitors.

  3. Decide how to facilitate youth & children’s ministry.

  4. Optimize touchless giving.

  5. Create a buzz.

When you go…

  1. Let us know! Create more buzz around your return.

  2. Provide safety updates.

  3. Streamline your service outline.

  4. Implement an end-of-service plan.

  5. Keep your online/virtual presence going.

After you go…

  1. Invite others to come.

  2. Keep volunteers motivated.

  3. Reach out to your community.

  4. Streamline your operations.

  5. Get a social media/church online leader.

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