Ordered Steps

There's no greater feeling than knowing that for the space and time of the present moment you are living on purpose.  That moment is so fulfilling and there's nothing that really compares to a sense of knowing you are "stepping" in the right direction.  Then again, there's nothing like that moment when you realize that you've just made a wrong move; a misstep that lands you in the wrong place, in front of the wrong people or at the wrong time.  You've done it before.  You know the missteps that cause you to lose your balance and throws your entire sense of confidence and direction completely off.  When this happens to us naturally, like tripping on a sidewalk, we respond with either caution, laughter or both. But missteps are no laughing matter. Thankfully, we don't have to live with constant missteps, cycles of losing a sense of purpose because of a wrong step. 

Like most, I write as things happen but many times I never read my journal like a book (one continuos work). Last night, I read through the things the Holy Spirit highlighted, spoke gently about, shouted at me, warned me of, cautioned me about and realized that each entry wasn't a stand alone account of a moment with God. They were supposed to be used as a road map to victory and I completely missed it. Now that I know better, I'm reading the book and sharing with you this life changing Word.

The first lesson was simply, "The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord and he delighteth in his way." Prov. 37:23 KJV We sing, "Order my steps in your Word Dear Lord. Lead me, guide me everyday . . ." however, we have little understanding of what this scripture actally means. As I studied, I learned that "a good man" is not just a man who is good. The Hebrew meaning of that phrase actually means " a strong man or warrior (emphasizing strenth or ability to fight)." So God's not ordering everyone's steps. That's why we see so many missteps, tripping up, falling down in the Kingdom of God. The steps of the warrior or those who have the ability to fight are ordered by the Lord. I then asked the Holy Spirit why order the steps of a warrior? His response was simple but profound. He replied, "Because the way of the Lord leads you through places of opposition, war and danger. It takes a courageous man, one with the ability to fight, to walk in the promises of God; to take territory in the natural and spiritual realms and to possess what God has for him."

As I continued to study this scripture I learned so much more about the meaning of its simple words. Then I wrote the scripture, inserting myself as the "warrior" and learned fully of the blessing of ordered steps.

"The steps of Rona, a warrior with the ability to fight, are firmly established, fixed, secure, determined, forwardly directed and arranged by the Lord and He takes pleasure in and is pleased in the journey of my life." Read this verse, Rona's version, inserting your name.

From this moment forward, prophetically confess that your life journey is arranged, determined, fixed and secured by the Lord; and the steps He has ordered for you gives Him great pleasure. Simply walk out your steps (the will of God for your life) confidently knowing that God is pleased with your steps because He knows you have the strength to endure every hardship, trip, fall, misstep that may come. Yes, doing the will of God requires strength, it implies a fight but you are a mighty warrior and you are well able to walk in VICTORY!

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