Grow Your Gift

Let's talk about ministry training. Ministry training is "that thing" that most of us complain about not having, although we rarely seek it out on our own. If you've heard it once, you've heard it a million times, "I don't know how to do that."

Let's throw away that line and never use it again. My first ministry role in my church was Youth Director (cause that's before we slapped the "Pastor" designation behind every volunteer post). From day one, I invested in the ministry God gave to me. The other youth leader and I invested our money and time into youth ministry. Not at our pastor's request. We did it because we wanted the best youth ministry we could create.

And I went a bit further. I found training wherever it was available. I joined a city-wide youth pastor's networking group and spent my lunch breaks in training, gathering resources, and networking. As my team grew, I suggested to them that they should join me in those meetings. I found conferences to attend, websites with curriculum and games, figured out how to communicate with parents, and even wrote curriculum for our youth.

What's the point? Good question. I said all of that to say this (one of my favorite lines from old-school church), YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR LEARNING WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW TO ENHANCE YOUR CHURCH. If your pastor never suggests a training program or requires you to attend a training conference, find what you need to operate as best you can in the role you serve.

Pastors are supposed to focus on prayer and study of the Word, not finding training. (It's not in the Bible. I checked.) In the world of Youtube University, free webinars, and online conferences, information is abundant. Take charge of your ministry development, show initiative, and grow your gift! Find training opportunities to learn what you don't know. Then share that knowledge with other volunteers so together, you can level up in ministry.

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