5 Tips for Ministry Mondays

How do you spend your Mondays? Let's face it, once our week gets started there's no slowing down. Maximizing your Mondays may be the key to developing a healthy spiritual connection and being more intentional about ministry during the rest of our week.

Here are 5 tips for making the most of your Mondays.

1. Meditate. Make scripture reading & prayer your focus on Mondays. Take a moment to replenish your soul on Mondays by silencing the noise and spending quality time with God.

2. Motivate your staff & volunteers. Mondays are the perfect time to reflect on all your staff and volunteers do to make ministry excellent all week. A special note of thanks, a text, or an email may be the encouragement they need to stay on course and remain committed. I love it when my pastors do this. Although I'm not the type that constantly needs affirmation, it still speaks volumes to me that they recognize my value.

3. Outline your message or work on a sermon series. We are tempted to get into a rut during the week only to realize on Saturday night that we don't have a clear message for Sunday morning.

4. Make a schedule for the rest of your week, then stick to it. Include goals that MUST be accomplished & a few that are 'icing on the cake.' Don't take phone calls during study time or schedule meetings during dinner time. Clear boundaries will help you maintain a healthy balance in ministry, work, and at home.

5. Make time to rest. When we schedule our day we usually leave bedtime or quiet time unscheduled. Even if you are bi-vocational, let Mondays be your self-care day. Listen to your favorite music, read a good book, or take a one-hour break from the hustle of your day to sit on the porch and watch the neighbors walk their dogs.

My mom created the 1-hour rule. She insisted on not being disturbed for 1-hour after arriving home from work every day. Granted, we were all old enough to fend for ourselves, but this 1-hour rule gave her a moment to unwind from the day before the busyness of dinner, homework, school clothes, complaints, and conversations. If the house wasn't on fire, we waited.

Maximizing every day and every moment doesn't mean being busy. It means that you understand how important it is that you do things that make it possible for you to be the best version of yourself when serving others.

How do you spend your Ministry Mondays?

How do you spend your Ministry Mondays?

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